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40/100G QSFP BiDi Transceiver’s Backward Compatibility With 40G BiDi

40/100G QSFP BiDi Transceiver’s Backward Compatibility With 40G BiDi

We stated recently the new dualrate 40G/100G BiDi QSFP28 pluggable optic transceiver module. like the singlerate 40G BiDi, it lets you seamlessly upgrade short reach links from 10G while not having to replace duplex LC-connect orated MMF fiber infrastructure originally intended for 10G SR. but that’s now not the only motive to be excited about it.

First, let’s remind ourselves that managing and maintaining information centres can be a large task. Upgrading network equipment and servers is a by no meansending necessity. frequently, it’s no longer practical to rip out all of the antique device and update the entirety . There’s downtime to remember, refresh cycles, and of route finances barriers. If only there was a way to improve distinct portions of the information centre at different times.

there’s, in truth, a manner with multi-charge ports. And as we defined in an earlier blog publish, multi-price ports give you flexibility for your improve strategies. Now, with a twinprice optic like the 40/100G BiDi, you’ve got even more alternativesthat is because of its backward compatibility with the unique singlefee 40G BiDi. This capabilityby the manner, is best available from Cisco.

As shown in the figure, a dualrate 40/100G BiDi plugged into a 40/100G switch port (green box on the left) can still link with a native 40G BiDi plugged into an older switch with a singlefee 40G port (orange field at the right). The twinrate port on the left would be set to 40G mode inside the switch software program (see purple define within the determine).

after you’re ready to upgrade the other quityou may update the 40G switch with a new one which supports 100G QSFP28 ports, like the twinprice forty/100G Nexus switches. simply plug in the new 40/100G BiDi, inform the transfer software on both ends to run the port at 100G, and you’ve finished the upgrade.

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