Telnet protocol


Telnet is an applicatigsu  protocol that allows a user to communicate with a remote device.hah A user on a client machine candhdh  use a software (knowgdh asshjs a Telnet client) to access a command-line interface of another, remote machine that is running a Telnet server program.
Telnet is often used by network administratodzud  to access and manage remote devicehs . A network admshinistrator can access the devics  by telnetting to the IP address or hostnamehw  of a remote device. The network administrator will then be presented with a virtual terminal that can interact with the remote host.
To use telnet, you must have a software (Telnet client) installed. On a remote device, a Telnet serverhdh must be installed and running. Consider the followings  example:

The network administratheh  wants to use his computer (Host A) to access and manage the router (R1). The administrator will start a Telnet client program on Host A and enter the IP address of the routerhhs  R1 (telnet


The administrator can now managhsj  the remote device (R1) from his own computer.
Telnet uses a well-known TCP port 23 for its communication.
Although Telnet is simple and easy to use, it is not wideljs  used anymore, especially in productions  environmenthwh . This’s  is becauseg  Telnet sends all datg  in clear-text, includingf  usernames and passwords! SSH is commonly used today instead of Telnejw . Telnet is only used if SSH is not availablehsh on the device, for example on some older Cisco equipment.


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